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is telling the top syrian diplomat to the united states he has to leave. the move comes as several governments also expelled their syrian ambassadors and that is in response to a massacre of syrian villagers by the president of assad. and tom, how long does he have to get out? >> reporter: not long. he said that he has 72 hours to leave the united states. this comes as governments earn the world have been reacting strongly to the u.n. and qualifying as the execution's of 108 people of the syrian government's crackdown against protestors. damascus and the united nation's invy met with serious president and told him if the government doesn't cease the attack, it would force into action. the white house today, officials say at this point, all options are on the table, the military action is not the first choice. >> we don't believe that militarization, the situation in syria at this point is the right course of action and we believe that it would lead to greater chaos and carpage. >> and that is at this -- at this point, and they don't want it to be a future of blood shed and issue an
the national security of the united states. >> reporter: g-8 leaders will discuss a variety of other issues as well, from afghanistan to iran. the number one topic is expected to be europe's debt crisis and how to keep it from further damaging the world's economy. >> and you have the trouble spots around the world and middle east and in our and china. makes it difficult for the u.s. economy to grow. >> reporter: a new leader is joining the group and mrs. obama welcomed the new president who could make waves because he's at odds with some european lead or economic issues and wants to speed up the withdrawal of frenchtrops from afghanistan faster than his predecessor. >> and [ speaking in native tongue ] [ through translator ] >> for the french people to the effect our combat troops will be withdrawn from afghanistan by the end of 2012. >> reporter: debate about the way forward in afghanistan is one of the main focuses at the nato sum it and that is once the g-8 summit wraps up. >> protestors are heading to thurmont, maryland. the close of the town to the lockdown in camp david. and tom fitzg
in that crash. the chief warrant officer pratt's body is being returned to the united states this evening in delaware and details on the funeral arrangements are pending. >>> and in virginia, a culpeper police officer is facing a shootings death there. he's pacing -- facing murder charges. ion henrehan is live with the latest. >> there were elements that seemed suspicious from the get go and look at this video. a 54-year-old woman's car the 54-year-old was shot to death by the police officer. he started -- she started driving away dragging the officer said witnesses but the husband said that that jeep wrangler didn't have power windows and didn't add up. the special prosecutor was called in yesterday, the grand jury indicted the police officer daniel harmon wright on's murder charge other and counts. the victim taught sunday school and her minister cobb seeds that it's been hard for locals to remain neutral. >> and we know we had to be parent with this -- patient with this. this is how it works, in the best interest to everybody. not to jump to conclusions or have preconceived notions but
with the court's mission, the united states would like to -- the case of ivan carter. >> reporter: a latin turn meaning will not prosecute. >> i am proud to report the results of this drug court and those around the country have been cleared. three quarters of the graduates nationwide are able to reavoid rearrest for two years after the program. and studies suggest drug court can reduce crime as much as 45%, more than any other option. 45%. >> reporter: and she was among the group to get her diploma. eight months ago, she was strung out on pcp. >> when i was on the street and that light didn't come on. >> until her arrest last september 11th. >> especially for my kids, i need a clean and clear mind. i have teenagers and grandkids. it was time to break the chain. >> reporter: this is the irony. as she accepted her dip prime a she recruited an aspect drug poem she -- recited an antidrug poem she wrote herself at the age of 13. >> does it make you hip to put a joint between your lips, will does it make you happy to impress your friends or will they be there to the end. a place where only can you
to the united states. chen wong chang was pushed in a wheelchair surrounded by people at the airport. a flurry of diplomatic wrangling happened between the u.s. and china because of this. he is approved to study law at new york university. >>> teenage girl is dead and several others wounded after a bombing outside of a high school in italy. investigators say the explosion went up a few minutes before classes started today. this is amateur video from the scene. investigators say that they don't know who set off the bomb. the area is known for organized crime but there are no leads in the case. >>> when a federal operations investigate gun running between the u.s. and mexico back fired, a u.s. border patrol agent wound up dead. the republican leaders on the hill want answers from the attorney general eric holder. fox's peter doocie explains. >> reporter: speaker of the house john boehner said that, quote, all options are on the table with regard to possibly holding the attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress for not complying with an october subpoena connected to the fast and furiou
, they will find the streets carved by united states marines. i am here to represent and remember all of the women and men of the marine corps who have served this great nation, so proudly and well. i place these rose petals in tribute and memory of them. >> memorial day for me is an opportunity to reflect on those who made my service possible and those who maid an impact, -- made an impact in my time in the navy and afterwards. too many went before me building a stronger nation. a navy known around the world for her humanitarian and earner gypsy aid as well as her ability to be -- emergency aid as well as her ability to be on time. >> again reminding us brian, dating back to the civil a women have always served voluntarily. >>> bob barner we apologize for difficulties. >>> as memorial day celebrations take place across the nation, wishes of one fallen hero are granted as the letter of william stacey is red at a service in kabul -- read at a service in kabul. >> reporter: as a traditional wreath laying was held at arlington national cemetery, sacrifices of the brave men and women who lost their li
is not discussing the cause of his death. his body has been returned to the united states. >>> and new details about a key donor whose money is at the center of john edwards' criminal trial. jonathan sery has the latest from north carolina. >> reporter: a witness said that one of john edwards' key deaners felt she was used by the former presidential candidate. huffman, a close friend of bunny melon, testified the wealthy heiress was deeply angered by a request to provide 40 to $50 million to a poverty foundation after edwards' presidential hope was dashed. huffman said that edwards later claimed he didn't know his aid andrew young asked for that much. young said the amount of edwards' idea. -- edwards' idea. huffman testified he believed young was telling the truth. melon's money is at the center of the campaign corruption trial. prosecutors alleged that edwards masterminded the scheme to use $1 million to hide the pregnant mistress as he sought the white house. many legal experts say worn 01- year-old melon is not expected to take the witt only does she of information based on what i told, she was
of the united states, the gratitude of afghan people for support your tax payers money has provided to afghanistan over the past decade. >> reporter: meanwhile a huge crowd of protestors, streaming into downtown chicago. one of the city's largest demonstrations in years. among them, reverend jackson. >> we are not going to expand more into afghanistan, $4 billion a week, while we are losing workers, teacher, fire men, and closing schools. >> reporter: yesterday, three activists were arrested for allegedly manufacturing molotov cocktails in a plot to attack president obama's campaign headquarters and other targets. today two other men were taken into custody one of them for falsely making a terrorist threat. thousands of protestors were also fully testing the chicago police department. in chicago, craig boswell, fox news. >>> just ahead on the news at 6, finding inspiration in the aisle? super markets trying out instore ads for last minute business but is it worth it? we will be right back [ female announcer ] with xfinity, you can always expect more. like more on demand shows and mo
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